Netzfundstücke - 19.04.2013

Ich habe im Archiv gekramt. Diese Woche daraus ein paar Fundstücke:

© photo by martinroell 
Content is King: 20 Tipps und Tools zum Texten
"Nichts entbindet zwar davon, gute Texte zu schreiben. Aber es gibt viele Tools, die auf die eine oder andere Weise dabei unterstützen. Wir stellen die 20 besten vor."
How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day
"[...] I got scientific. I gathered data and tried experiments, and ultimately ended up boosting my word count to heights far beyond what I'd thought was possible, and I did it while making my writing better than ever before."

The Pyramid Method: A Simple Strategy For Becoming Exceptionally Good
"If you want to do something interesting and rewarding — be it writing a novel, becoming a professor, or growing a successful business — you have to first become exceptional.
In other words, there’s no shortcut. If you want the world to pay attention to you, you have to provide a compelling reason. It doesn’t care about your life goals."

It's only life or death. It's always only life or death
"The best thing that ever happened to me was the night an angry, messed up cab driver pulled me into the back room of a 24 hour diner and held a huge handgun to my head for over ten minutes, all the while describing in intricately fetishistic detail exactly what would happen when he pulled the trigger.
Why? Because it changes you, staring down a nutjob holding a gun. After that, the small stuff just doesn't get sweated. You either break, or break through to a mandatory satori of keeping things in proportion that most people never get to walk away from."

Tool-Tipps der Woche:

Autre Planète - Bilder an diverse Scoial-Media-Plattformenvorgaben anpassen.

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