Netzfundstücke 24.09.2017

Diese Woche ein E-Book zum Thema "Agile Sales". Seth Godin geht auf den Unterschied zwischen "Impossible, unlikely oder difficult" ein; außerdem ein Artikel, wie man Kanban-Boards auch in Gmail, Outlook oder Evernote einrichtet.

Most SDRs Fail or Burn Out. Here's How to Fix That
"We tend to treat SDRs like monkeys: '50 calls per day, five leads per week, etc.' [...] Finally, people don't leave jobs, they leave people. I've often found that the worst SDR team leaders lack empathy (perhaps because their bosses once lacked empathy toward them).
[...] SDR burnout and turnover comes from not feeling appreciated. It’s all about 'the close' -- but every day SDRs generate revenue, just not in the form of a "close."

The Ultimate Guide to Agile Sales Management

Ich finde den Buchtitel etwas reißerisch, aber das E-Book gibt eine gute Einführung in das Thema "Agile Sales".

Impossible, unlikely or difficult?
"Unlikely never feels quite the same as difficult, and sometimes it appears impossible. It's neither. It's something risky, and something without a map or a guarantee. We hesitate to do it precisely because it might not work, precisely because it's more than difficult."

How to build a company where the best ideas win
"What if you knew what your coworkers really thought about you and what they were really like? Ray Dalio makes the business case for using radical transparency and algorithmic decision-making to create an idea meritocracy where people can speak up and say what they really think -- even calling out the boss is fair game."
Ich bin mir noch nicht sicher, was ich von dieser Radical-Transparency-Idee halten soll. Sein Buch "Principles" hat es zumindest bei mir auf den Wunschzettel geschafft.

Jagged Thoughts for Jagged Times, 239

"We never lack time." Was wirklich fehlt ...

Kanban Everything: How to Add Trello-Like Boards to Gmail, Evernote, and More

Zapier hat eine Liste zusammengestellt, wie man ein Kanban Board auch in Gmail, Evernote, Chrome, Outlook und WordPress einrichten kann.


"Automatically share customer contacts between your marketing automation, CRM, email marketing, invoicing, and e-commerce apps."
Viele kennen Tools wie IFTTT oder Zapier. Bei PieSync werden Kontaktinformationen zwischen Tools synchronisiert und aktualisiert. In diesem Blogartikel werden Unterschiede zwischen Zapier und PieSync sowie mögliche Einsatzzwecke gut erklärt.

Foto: Chris Barbalis